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The central committee of the Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz JSMM, at a meeting held here on Wednesday, observed that under a planned conspiracy district goverments are beaing thrust upon the people to destroy the unity of Sindhi nation.
The meeting, preside over by Shafi Muhammad Burfat, observed permanent deployment of the army and Rangers was being done on the ground of artuficial lawlessness.
Criticizing the deweaponization scheme in Sindh, the meeting apprehended that a massive operation was being launched against the Sindhis specially the nationalist forces.

Published in Dawn June 8, 2001

All the archives taken from any newspaper or news website are not necessarily pertinent to or represent the stance of the JSMM as all of such news papers keep on editing and adding the personal opinion sort of stuff into the reporting of events or in an effort to analyze the circumstances with the color of their own glasses. JSMM does not necessarily agrees with the all of the stuff here. However, this archive is published here without any modification.
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    If small nations like Brunei, Bahrain and Maldives can be the members of the U.N.O., why can’t #Sindh become member of that world forum?.

    G M Sayed, Pioneer Sindhudesh Movement