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Afzal Panhwer was Vice Chairman of the Student wing of JSMM and was abducted twice.

1st time he was abducted from Qasim Chowk, Hyderabad on 26 June 2011 and after detainment and torture of approx. a year he was released in a very weak condition on 12 June 2012.

The 2nd time he was abducted from Jamshoro in the morning of August 15th,2013, following one day of JSMM’s strike on 14th August and was killed after severe torture in the evening of the same day and his body was thrown on a railway track at Kotri.

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They Said

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    The greatest anti-Sindhi act by Mr. Bhutto was the 1973 Constitution, which reduced Sindh into small component of the Pakistani federation.

    G M Sayed, Pioneer Sindhudesh Movement