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  • Introduction

Party name is Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz; abbreviated to and commonly known as JSMM, is a separatist and secular political party of Sindh, that believes in the freedom of Sindh from Pakistan’s occupation.

  • Foundation

Foundations of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz were laid on November 26, 2000 A.D. at the city of Sann. Senior workers and leaders of Jeay Sindh Movement called upon a “workers conference” gathering at Sann which decided to constitute a new organization for the effective struggle for the freedom of Sindh and so they formulated JSMM. On the same day, Shafi Muhammad Burfat was agreed upon to act as the chairman of newly formed JSMM till upcoming party elections. A constitutional committee comprising of three senior members was appointed with the consensus of all the attendants to write the constitution for the newly formed party.

  • Ideology

JSMM believes in the struggle for freedom of the Sindh (Southern Province of Pakistan, remained historically a free country before its forced annexation in British Empire) from the unnatural, theocratic state of Pakistan. JSMM believes in the Ideology of Sain G.M Sayed. JSMM recognizes the Sayed as its ideological leader and guide and recognizes the red flag with the axe in its center to be its national emblem as it was set by Sayed to be the emblem for the freedom movement of Sindh.

  • Policies of JSMM

JSMM believes that Sindh is under complete slavery of Pakistan (Punjab) and hence all of its policies are antagonistic against the state of Pakistan. It completely rejects the each and every policy of the state that harms the national interests of the Sindh. JSMM considers Pakistan a theocratic fundamentalist imperial colonial and irresponsible state that enslaves and exploits the nations chained in its federation. JSMM, on international level, has always censured the religious fundamentalism and terrorism and has acknowledged and supported the war on terror to be true and righteous.

  • Mode of Struggle

JSMM’s mode of struggle is purely political. It believes in the people of Sindh to be its strength and power. Thus JSMM totally rejects the electoral parliamentary system, parliamentary politics and the constitution of Pakistan. Because JSMM believes that the division of electoral seats allotted to different confederating units i.e. states that joined the Pakistan in 1947 at the time of the independence, is totally unjust as it does not allow the oppressed nations to build a consensus to amend, reject or pass any constitutional bill or resolution even if they win all the National Assembly seats from all the three provinces of Pakistan except Punjab. Punjab solely holds the 3/4th of the parliamentary seats i.e. 148 seats out of the 258 NA constituencies. Adding con-current and federal lists that give the privileges to Punjabi dominant federation of Pakistan to bypass or undermine any of the provincial resolutions and bills passed by the Provincial Assemblies with complete consensus. Therefore, JSMM considers it a waste of time and effort to acknowledge the constitution of Pakistan and practice parliamentary politics on the cost of the rights of its motherland Sindh and its people.

  • Structure

The highest authority in the party is the Chairman. Officially, Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz constitution provides a four-year term for the Chairman. The Central Organizational Body of JSMM consists of positions of a Senior Vice-Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary General, Deputy Secretary, Joint Secretary, Finance Secretary, Information Secretary, Coordination Secretary, Web-page Secretary & Broadcasting and Publication Secretary. Chairman is elected by National Congress (Higher Authority) of organization. Elected Chairman is authorized to elect the Central Organizational Body from the members of Central Committee.