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Sindhudesh means the independent country of contemporary Sindh situated on Indus Basin. This country has maintained her distinct, separate and independent nation/homeland status since ages.

The only difference in Sindh and Sindhudesh is that the historic term Sindh refers to the entire Indus Valley while Sindhudesh is the independent country comprising of the geographic boundaries of contemporary Sindh.

Such as, Bengal means the united land of eastern and western Bengal region but Bangladesh means the contemporary independent country of Eastern Bengal.
Our coinage of the term Sindhudesh refers to the political independence, economic well-being and cultural development of the region contemporarily known as the Province of Sindh.

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  • jsmm-saen-g-m-sayed

    I used tiny particles in the place of stars for freedom of Sindhudesh and tried to defeat elephant with the help of ants.

    G M Sayed, Pioneer Sindhudesh Movement