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Honorable Sisters and Brothers

Leaders of the oppressed nations, honorable intellectuals, and journalists

In these critical moments of human history, we have gathered here to share the sorrows of humanity and the sufferings of the oppressed subjugated nations. I am honored to find you all here, present to share the grieves and the longing for the freedom of our motherlands and humanity. I am quite certain that history would recall and count our labor for the freedom of our historic natural nations and the emancipation of humanity from the chains of subjugation and aggression and from the yoke of greed and fear.

Dear friends,

This, the 21st-century world needs not the religious wars and Jihad but the struggle for peace and well-being of the humanity. The struggle that would make oppressed subjugated nations’ dream and longing for the freedom, prosperity, political economic independence, liberty and social justice come true.  A struggle that could bring peace, rest and humanity’s long pursuit for the real existence of human brotherhood and happiness come alive and get stronger.

Politically, we can describe it as the struggle for “the establishment of the true/real internationalism of all the free historic natural nations of the world” which can only be achieved by prioritizing (honestly/literally) “the peaceful resolution of the fundamental question of the national independence of all the historic natural nations which in its essence is the key that holds the potential of creating the societies that assure all the fundamental human rights, justice and civil liberties worldwide and assure the capacity for rationale of humanity being a single body”. It has always been a human dream that has not been achieved yet and will remain a dream until and unless the international platform like United Nations is not reshaped to include all the historic natural nations that are still languishing under the tyrannical yoke of exploitation, aggression, humiliation, slavery, and subjugation chained by neo colonial fascist imperialist multinational states. All those nations that are deprived of their freedoms and their very identical existence.

At this moment in human history, the entire building of so-called “Liberal-World Order” is standing on the basis of the globalization of multinational or “International Capital” with its strings in the hands of the handful of the few powerful wealthy mighty nations that rule the world. Even the “politico-economic interests of these mightier nations” are the real pivot behind the expansion of modernization and technological advancements throughout the world. Therefore, there are many shades of gray embedded in existing “World Order” of the states which can never be considered as just, common, equal or symmetric internationalism of the free historic natural nations” embodying the equal rights, powers and interests of all the historic nations throughout the world or the humanity. Therefore, such advancement in the fields of science and technology, approaching every nuke and the corner of the world can merely generate corporate consumerism but can benefit a little to the humanity in general, until and unless the basic humanitarian principals of justice, equality, rights and freedom are not internationally acknowledged as well as respected and the question of the geographic and politico-economic independence of the historic natural nation is not resolved. Till then, these so-called technological advancements and scientific breakthroughs are incapable to bring any democratic secular political changes in the oppressed subjugated backward societies and nations, but instead can only serve the imperialisms and tighten the fetters of subjugation, slavery and exploitation around the feet of oppressed chained nations.

Dear friends,

We comprehend that the Radical religious extremism and terrorism, sponsorship of religious terrorism by theocratic states, warmongering and nuclear proliferation, unnecessary arms race around the world, refugee crisis and saddest mass migration of the people from their motherlands arising from the ongoing military confrontations, climate change and global warming, hunger, poverty, intolerance, illiteracy, lack of proper water, sanitation and health facilities to the billions of people around the world, lack of good governance and corruption, human rights violations, genocides, fascism, military aggressions and the economic exploitation of the oppressed subjugated nations by the multinational states in which they are chained in, are the biggest humanitarian problems of this century. If we analyze these problems practically and scientifically it would not be far beyond to know that these all have arose from the world’s negligence of the existence of “national question” globally. The End of World War II shaped the current map the of the world comprising of the states that were still multi-national, specifically in Asia and Africa. By the end of cold war a unipolar world has remained either indecisive or incapable of resolving this fundamental question of the existence and independence of the nations chained in these unnatural multinational states. And that’s the reason that we are holding this conference on the platform of JSMM today, where we all have gathered to seek the freedom for our motherlands, to raise awareness about the dream of emancipation of our oppressed subjugated historic nations. This is the dream that we all have commonly dreamt of. It doesn’t matter where from we belong, either from Africa, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Central Asia or South Asia we all have this dream in common. Either we are Sindhi, Pashtun, Kashmiri, Baloch, Saraiki nations chained in the forced federation of Islamic theocratic fascist state of Pakistan, Tibetan and Uyghurs chained in Anti-democratic imperialist China, Kurdistan and Palestine languishing in the Arab World, Oromo, Biafra, Western Sahara in Africa or all the historic natural nations that are struggling for the emancipation of their nations and homeland; we all bear the prime responsibility to stand with each other in our struggle for the national independence of our oppressed nations. The struggle for the stated cause is the integral part of our conscience, the moral obligation as human beings.

The Honorable friends

Humanity has undergone the laborious and toilsome journey through the ages to reach this zenith of the modern human civilization and evolution of humanitarian thought. The results acquired from the Anthropological and archeological studies of the human civilization and past are witness to the splendid laborious struggle of the human race for its existence and survival throughout the ages. The scientific and technological advancements we entertain today are the outcome of the collective struggle and labor of the human race. The archeological remains and anthropological records of the Indus valley, Egyptian, Sumerian, Chinese, Western and Mayan civilizations witness the painstaking struggle of the humanity till the date. Civilizational evolution of human societies from the City State of Mohen Jo Daro (Indus Valley) to the modern democratic states of the world, is the result of the collective philosophical and scientific achievement of the human race. The ideology of unity of opposites as the key to “the process of creation” and the equality of man and women proposed by the ancient human philosophy of God Shiva and Goddess Shakti (Parvati), developed by Indus valley people, is the essence of the equality, importance and respect for all genders of human race. The concept of Adam and Eve as the ancestors of the entire mankind in Semitic/Abrahamic Religions has also been derived from the philosophy of Shiva and Shakti. The very essence of this Shiva-Shakti philosophy was “intrinsic” focusing on “the self-realization of one’s own self” rather than looking outside in the universe for the answers, and it was the key to comprehend the very human existence and the basis on which the very foundations of the human society were laid. It also addressed the gender equality and equal respect for the women and men to be the mutual designers of the human civilization. And the history has proved this fact that the human societies can no longer develop and prosper until and unless the all sorts of the discriminations, biases and judgemental prejudices either based on caste, creed, race, religion or gender are not eradicated.

The Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen

At this moment in the human history, when we are being addressed the fruits of 21st century, the magnificent tales of the “Wisdom, Development, Equality, Advancements in the fields of philosophy, science and technology, and achievements in the human development” that humanity have achieved so far, we must not forget the very human values of “free will, justice and equality”. These modern-day advancements of humanity are in vain if these values are not acknowledged and respected. It’s insane to find that when we are getting fascinated by the zenith of achievements of the humanity in this 21st century modern world, millions of people are beings deprived of their fundamental human rights, civil liberties and political economic freedoms. Therefore, we consider it severely inhuman, disgraceful, disgusting, sinful and sheer crime against humanity to enslave and subjugate the millions of people in the name of faiths and ideologies by use of force and deception. Even if a single historic nation is oppressed, subjugated or enchained around the world, the entire historic process of human development stops grossly. If, the injustice persists it would be the greatest deception of time for the entire humanity to proclaim human development. Because the deceptive illusion of justice, equality and freedom can never lead us to the real goal of human development and the establishment of peace in this world.

Would it be ethical to claim the so-called existence of humanity, equality, justice, freedom and development in this 21st century world by dividing the entire humanity in the two distinct groups of the oppressors and the oppressed i.e. the free and the subjugated nations?! Certainly not.

How is it just and possible to call the world free and civilized when certain historic nations in the world are isolated from the entire process of scientific advancements and human development, deprived of their political economic independence and subjugated by the might of the gun while the others are stepping in the new frontiers of scientific and technological advancements?!

Not a single nation in the world would have languished under the yoke of humiliating slavery and subjugation if it had not been colonized in the sacred names of religion, faith or ideology by imperialist fascist nations. Aggression always comes in the disguise of ideology or religion. The economic development and prosperity of the imperialist nations of the world is the ultimate product of subjugation, exploitation and the plunder of the resources of oppressed nations. This development can never be considered as development but the exploitation which is deprived of humanitarian soul thus lacks any sense of legitimacy and justice. This is such an illegitimate exploitative development which has enchained not only the labor and resources of the people of the oppressed nation but also their dreams and very existence. Exploitation of the oppressed subjugated nations can never be justified, may it be in any corner of the world or in the name of any sacred ideology, religion or faith.

Today, through this conference we clearly announce in front of the entire international community and civilized world that all the oppressed subjugated natural nations of the world either they exist in Asia, Africa, Latin America, or Arab World reserve the natural right to be independent which they must get. The entire political history of the world is the evident of the fact that no imperial power on the Earth can withstand the free will of the people of the oppressed nation. Nations could never be oppressed and subjugated for long by abuse of any ideology, religious faith, military might, or atomic power. We also clarify here, that we have no personal enmity, prejudice, envy, or hatred against any individual or nation, even the oppressors but instead we hate slavery, humiliation and subjugation of the people of our oppressed historic nations and plight of our motherlands.

Every nation reserves the natural right to independence and freedom in its distinct identical geographic boundaries and we demand the freedom of our nations which is not only their emancipation from the yoke of slavery but will also be proved as the precursor to world peace. World will remain vulnerable to religious terrorism, nuclear danger and drastic humanitarian crises till these oppressed subjugated nations remain enchained. Because all these humanitarian crisis, are the ultimate outcome of the International community’s negligence of the unresolved national question around the world. The freedom of the oppressed subjugated nations is the “historic contradiction” of our time. The ongoing military confrontations, political tensions and ongoing international propagation whining around these subjects are widely based on the issues that are merely subjective in nature, while the question of the independence of the oppressed nations is being completely neglected. This is not a mere coincidence but rather a psychological tool of the imperialist nations to undermine the objective truth of this era i.e. the political and economic exploitation of the lands and resources of the subjugated historic nations. Chinese imperialist occupation of the Tibetan and Uyghur lands, Iraq-Syria-Turkey-Iran’s occupation of Kurdistan, Pakistan’s imperialist occupation and fascist subjugation of the historic nations of Sindhi, Baloch, Pashtun, Kashmiri, Saraikis, or the question of national independence of all the other nations in Africa or Latin America must be resolved because the real internationalism and human brotherhood can never be established until and unless these nations are not set free. The UNO, in its current formation represents the Union of multinational states, many of which contain the distinct historic nations in their geographic boundaries which are forcibly occupied and subjugated by these states. Therefore, the UNO has been functioning as the over-looker and protector of the interests of theses multinational states and is no longer capable of justly representing or settling the affairs and interests of all the historic nations around the globe which are still suffering humiliating subjugation. This flaw and weakness that lies in the very formation of the UNO, is resulting in most of the humanitarian crisis that we see around us today and we definitely fear that these worsening political crisis ranging from the Radical Islamic Terrorism to the Nuclear dangers posed by the North Korean and Pakistani irresponsible states can lead the entire world to the hell of third world war followed by nuclear destruction.

Dear Friends

At this point in history, we want to bring forth the historic fact in front of the conscientious peoples, intellectuals, democratic governments and United Nations that the experiment of  the creation of theocratic state of Pakistan by the world powers to overlook their interests in Indian Ocean has miserably failed and has yielded nothing but the massacres and genocides of the millions of people of oppressed nations followed by the national independence of Bangladesh in 1971 A.D. Pakistan since its very creation in 1947, in the name of theocratic Islamic nationhood, has been a freak of nature which has survived through the 70 years of its existence by deceiving the entire world and sponsoring the evil of global Jihadism (Islamic extremism and terrorism). We would also like to clarify in front of the world that “Existing State of Pakistan” is not a single nation but a forced federation imposed in the form of Punjabi occupation over the lands, resources and seas Sindh, Balochistan, Pashtunistan and Kashmir. All these historic nations are occupied and subjugated by the use of military might in the name of illegitimate document called the Constitution of 1973, forcibly imposed on them by Punjabi elite and Military. Therefore, Pakistan has no prestige to be considered as a single nation nor even a federation but the occupation, which it factually is.  We also want to proclaim in front of the world that Pakistani constitution of 1973 is actually a document of slavery and subjugation which is not credible to represent the subjugated nations. It was passed by truncated assembly, which had no mandate to form a government or pass a constitution, under the supervision of a dictator after the secession of Bangladesh from Pakistan in 1971. Therefore, We the occupied nations reject the existence of theocratic nationhood which, indeed, is the slavery legalized in the name of constitution and we are struggling for the emancipation of over historical nations Sindhudesh, Balochistan, Pashtunistan and Kashmir from the theocratic fascist state of Pakistan. We are not Pakistanis either and we appeal the entire civilized world to provide us political and moral support in our cause of national independence.

Today, we are presenting the historic case of our national independence in front of the entire world that we are historically distinct nations and freedom is our natural right, therefore the world must respect and acknowledge the right to independence for all the subjugated historic nations in the world and the nations chained in the forced federation of Pakistan. We also clarify in front of the international community that the problem of Human Rights Violations exists globally but the question of national independence of the oppressed subjugated natural nations chained in the theocratic fascist state of Pakistan is not simply an issue of human rights violations but rather a political problem which must be considered and treated so. The human rights violations on the part of the state of Pakistan are politically motivated and the ultimate outcome of the “historic contradiction” among the nations chained in the forced federation of Pakistan. The cases of enforced disappearances, state torture, detentions, killings, mutilating and dumping the dead bodies of political activists by the state’s fascist forces are politically motivated to silence the ongoing struggles of the independence by the people of historic natural nations. Therefore, to analyze the critical situation of humanitarian crises in Pakistan, the world must consider this “Political Question of National Contradiction” as principle cause of contention among the nations chained in the forced federation of Pakistan. Without the resolution of this fundamental question, the issue of human rights conditions could never be resolved.

Dear Friends,

I would like to shade light on the political case of my historic motherland Sindh as a distinct nation and country through the ages in front of the leadership of oppressed subjugated nations, conscientious peoples, intellectuals of the world.

My dear fellows,
Sindh has been a historic distinct nation and separate identical independent homeland since the millennia, which is noted for homing the magnificent ancient civilization i.e. Indus valley Civilization. Like, every nation and country on the Earth it has witnessed hundreds of alien invasions, centuries long periods of subjugation but has always raised to retain its freedom as an identical historic nation. It had been a separate self-ruling independent country until it caught up with The British Empire in 1843. The British invasion and occupation of Sindh in nineteenth century A.D. is a separate story of colonial deceit and injustice. The Mighty British Empire had occupied Sindh when it was a separate independent country but they merged it in British India for their administrative ease. It is a matter of historic misfortune, that Sindh’s subjugation by British was shifted to Punjab (A party to British’s strategic designs in Indian subcontinent) in the name of “Separate Nationhood for the Muslims of Indian Subcontinent” in the form of creation of the most dubious and filthy theocratic pan-Islamic state of Pakistan in 1947. Not only Sindh but the lands of Pashtun, Baloch, Saraiki and Kashmiri nations were given as a dowry in the hands of Muslim Punjabi Mercenary military and ruling elite by the British to overlook their strategic interests in Indian Ocean. And since then, Sindh which had a remarkable secular humanitarian cultural heritage throughout history has been the miserable victim of cultural and social degeneration along with the worst economic exploitation, loot, plunder and political subjugation. Punjabi Military Establishment and Elite has created an effective agency in the form of the rotten feudalism to support its exploitative agendas by building nexus with the feudal and tribal chieftains of Sindh, Balochistan, Pashtun, Kashmiri and Saraiki nations who partner them in their subjugation and occupation of these distinct historic homelands. Pakistani brand of democratic system is deceptively engineered to underrepresent the so-called federating subjugated nations where only one province of Punjab has 56% representation in the parliament while having 90% of its share in military.
While the remaining 44% representation in a powerless parliament is rigged to adjust the pimping feudal chieftains from the subjugated nations to deceive the world about the very essence of democracy but in either cases the ruling party in the fabric of Pakistani politics has been the Punjabi Military Establishment. It must be noted that Sindhi are often posed to be the part of Pakistan’s mainstream military branded so-called democracy in the form of  the formation of Governments by Feudalist Parties, therefore it must be understood well that these feudalist Parties, are nothing but a stooge of Punjabi fascist military establishment which has been given safe passage to form governments to trade the freedom and independence of oppressed subjugated Sindhi, Baloch, Pashtun, Saraiki, Kashmiri Nations with the Punjabi Military Establishment and Elite.. We must learn a lesson from the history that when conscientious people of East Pakistan (Bangladesh Now) rejected the hegemonic rule of Punjabi military by rejecting the “deceptive concept of Muslim nationhood” in 1971 and seceded from Pakistan after enduring the massacre of 3 million Bengali people by Punjabi military, it was the Feudalists, under the leadership of military stooge Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, who helped Punjab to retain its dominancy in the form of the Pakistani Constitution of 1973 which is a document of legalization of national slavery and subjugation and has been never been accepted by the people of the subjugated nations. Pakistani Parliament, Judiciary and Civil Administrations are mere puppets in the hands of military establishment which is the actual master and ruler of the state. Pakistan is a state owned by the Islamic theocratic fascist Punjabi military and we, the subjugated occupied nations chained in its forced federal framework, consider it a forced federation where we have never had a chance to show the consent or dissent to live in. GM Syed, Nawab Khair Bux Khan Marri and Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan, the Ideologues of Sindhi, Baloch and Pashtun identities have compared it to accept humiliation and slavery to live in the forced federation of Punjab in the name of Islam and Pakistan. From the very first day of its creation, the ruling Punjabi Military establishment and elite has completely occupied the administration of the lands, seas and resources of our nations. And when Sindhi nation reacted in an utter defiance in the leadership of GM Syed, who had been a prominent leader of Independence movement in British India, who proposed the separation of historic Sindhi homeland from the Punjabi-Hegemonic-Pakistan, he was labelled a traitor and was kept in Jails and house arrests for 33 years until his last breath. Four Generations of Balochs, Sindhis and Pashtuns have been sharing the same fate in the form of genocides, displacements, enforced disappearances, Kill and Dump policy of Punjabi fascism on account of their democratic political demand for the end of occupation, exploitation and independence of their historic nations. Punjabi theocratic fascist imperialism has been rapidly working on the policy of converting the Pakistani forced federation into a sole more authoritarian State of Greater Punjab by oppressing and silencing the Independence movements of all the subjugated nations.

Radicalization and spread of religious fundamentalism throughout the secular societies of oppressed subjugated nations has been a tool of Punjabi Fascism to create a just sense of existence of false “Pakistani Muslim Identity” to undermine the distinguishing cultural and psychological diversity of these nations.  A wide-web of Pan-Islamic Radical religious schools called Madrassahs, funded by Pakistani Military and its allies in the Arab World, has been established to brain wash the generations of our secular nations. The poisonous religious teachings including distortion of the historic facts to shape the minds of our youth to see through the glass of Pan-Islamism to support the agendas propagated widely by the Pakistani state such as Global Jihadism and Hate towards “Infidels” has ruined the social and cultural fabric of our historic secular societies. The voices in defiance are silenced by state torture and fascism.

Punjab is working on Anti-Human Military Strategic CPEC project of China to make its subjugation and occupation on the lands and seas of the oppressed nations permanent. Punjab is colonizing Sindh and Baluchistan by constructing Mega-City and Port Building Projects like CPEC, Zulfiqarabad and Bahria Town in Sindh and Gwadar Port in Baluchistan and settling millions of Punjabi Population there to change the demographic balance of our nations by converting them into mere minorities outnumbered by Punjabi population in their own lands.

Punjab has been putting restrictions in the way of the cultural and political unification of Sindhi and Urdu speaking (migrated from India at the time Partition 1947) Sindhi communities that are integral parts of Modern Sindhi nation by propagating the sense of alienation among the residents of Sindh to stop the historic evolution of Sindhi society.
Sindh which contributes almost 70% of the total GDP of Pakistan has 80% of its population under poverty line, malnourished and using contaminated water. While Sindh’s Agrarian economy has worsened by stealth of the waters of the River Indus by Punjab and illiteracy in Sindh is on its peak. Sindhi Kutchi, Bohra, Memon Kathiawari business communities are literally forced to shut their factories in Karachi to be replaced by Punjabi military enterprises and to establish especial economic zones with the help of China in Punjab.
Therefore, in these conditions it is the prime responsibility of the conscientious people of Sindh and all the subjugated nations to collectively raise their voice for the political economic independence of their oppressed nations on the international forums collectively and organize and strengthen their political resistance on the grounds to get rid of this decades long humiliation, slavery, exploitation, occupation and subjugation by the Islamic extremist theocratic fascist state of Pakistan.

Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM) being the custodian of Sindh’s national fate and splendid future proclaims in front of the International community that the history has conditioned the end of the era of Islamic extremism and terrorism with the disintegration of Pakistan and the independence of historic secular natural nations from its slavery and subjugation.

Honorable Friends
We have to think seriously about our very existence as humans, the responsibilities that history has put on our shoulders and the historic role that destiny has assigned us to live and die for.

Let me say that all the representatives of the oppressed nations among us here, in Europe or other foreign countries, use three different narratives to raise their concerns to describe what is happening with their oppressed people and nations i.e. Human Rights Violations on the parts of oppressor occupying states, Advocacy of our concerns and rights, and the third most important, the presentation of the cases of our national independence in the capacity of being their national leaders. Therefore, I reinstate that the human rights violations and state torture is only one box out of the entire Pandora of national subjugation and hence we must have to focus the political cases of our national independence along with human rights issues.

We must prioritize the political question and historic contradiction that has been the root cause of all the exploitations, state torture and human rights violations of our nations. Let the world know that we are struggling for the very existence of our historic identical nations and the restoration of our political and economic national independence and the reconstruction of our societies on modern humanitarian basis. We have to put our case rationally and factually to persuade the UN and international community to decide about their ethos of respecting and acknowledging our right to national independence that we have been denied since long. We need to tell the world that we are struggling to protect our people and lands. We must tell the world that we, the people of subjugated oppressed historic nations, want to stand honorably among the nations of the world by strengthening the historic evolutionary process of our societies that has been isolated from it and that we have a dream to become the part of human development, global peace and human brotherhood for which being free is the prime condition. Therefore, we consider it the biggest challenge of the time for UN and international community to resolve the question of “national independence of all the subjugated nations chained within the forced multinational federations such as Pakistan”, for it is the only way for UN to proclaim the just and true representation of all the nations throughout the world.

Three decades after the end of cold war, the world seems of being dividing into two distinct Political Blocs. On one hand, there are USA, India, Japan, South Korea etc.; and the China, Russia, Pakistan, North Korea, Iran etc. on the other. But there is another force, that is being deliberately made to emerge out of this political chaos i.e. the Pan-Islamism, conceived and sponsored by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey and Iran to reconstruct the theocratic Islamic bloc in the world, armed with the so-called Islamic Nukes of Pakistan to spread the reign of religious extremism and terrorism to push entire modern scientific humanitarian thought and 21st century world back into the barbarian Stone Age. The Petro-Dollars of Saudi Arabia, Theocratic Military Doctrine of Pakistan (Covert sponsorship of Islamic terrorism in Afghanistan and India by ISI), The strategic importance of Turkey’s Geopolitical position in Europe and Iran’s Anti-Israel hatred are the ingredients of this Global Jihadism phenomenon. All these Islamic countries are undemocratic, monarchist, oppressive regimes which intend to impose the rule of 7th century Tribal Arabic Law called Sharia upon the world by creating a utopian Islamic world order of their own. The concept of revival of the 7th century Sharia law in this modern world is hidden in the fundamental ideology of Islam which proposes a masochist hatred towards this world which will undo the all modern humanitarian values, civil liberties and scientific advancements that the modern humanity has achieved so far. This is such a poisonous fanaticism which will not spare any human being on Earth or hesitate to massacre the entire humanity in pursuit of its utopian “Islamic Kingdom of the Heaven”. What we have seen in the form petty Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is only a glimpse of the whole. Islamic extremism and terrorism is virally spreading in the world as a force of evil which will bring entire modern civilization on the verge of destruction if not stopped.

Would it be righteous and just to leave the entire humanity helpless in the mouth of this Islamic ignorance and extremist terrorism?!
The Nuclear frenzy is another threat to global peace. North Korea versus American Democracy, Paksitan versus Indian Democracy and Iran versus Israel are bringing the world on the brink of Third World War and nuclear destruction. If the Anti-democratic irresponsible inhuman countries like Pakistan, North Korea and Iran prepare nukes in their arsenals based on their hatred towards another country or nation, it would surely be a matter of concern and danger for the entire humanity and global peace. Therefore, the silence of international community on this will be the gravest mistake and sin against humanity.

Dear Friends,
We have reached on a conclusion from the entire discourse of history that Nations are not just a class or race but a unit of uniform singularity of a diverse society within certain geographic boundaries, evolved through the ages and are the products of nature. Therefore, the acknowledgement of their identity and establishment of statehood are not merely subjective to political economy but the respect of uniformity and singularity of their cultural heritage and psychology as well. In today’s world, especially Europe, Germany is such an exemplary social state. This social welfare state is the product of the 21st century humanitarian thought which we consider more practical and better then a socialist state. Today’s world needs such social nation states through which the reshaping of a better UN can be brought about. We understand that the national independence of Sindh, Balochistan, Pashtun, Saraiki and Kashimir nations from Pakistan, Kurds from Iraq-Iran-Turkey-Syria, Tibet and Uyghur from China, Oromo and Biafra from African multinational states as well as every oppressed subjugated nation from national slavery and occupation is the collective responsibility and moral duty of all the civilized democratic free nations of the world. History has conditioned the human development and global peace with the reconstruction and independence of societies of the oppressed subjugated nations and we all have gathered here to fulfil the conditions of history. This gathering is just a mere attempt to get the attention of the world towards the crucial question of our era. We intend to present the historic political case for the independence of the subjugated nations in front of the international community and the UN.

Honorable Friends
Today, through this conference, I want to convey the message of Sindh’s historic national conscience and decision, that in the guidance of G.M Syed’s ideology of national independence of Sindhudesh and global peace, I demand the International Community to acknowledge my nation’s right to freedom from the fascist subjugation of Pakistan and I and my nation completely reject to be the part of the forced federation of fascist theocratic terrorist state of Pakistan. My nation, Sindhi, has always been a custodian of Human brotherhood, religious and racial coexistence, tolerance, hospitality and secularism, which has been languishing under the alien occupation and subjugation by Pakistan (Punjabi Military Establishment and Elite) on the basis of false theocratic “Two nation theory”. It has been deprived of its spiritual and social evolution, economic wellbeing, political authority and geographic boundaries as well as its sea. Today, we inform the Political leadership, think tank, policy makers, intellectuals, journalists, writers, human rights organizations, parliamentarians of the world especially Germany, UK, France, USA, Canada, India, European Union, Canada, Israel and all the civilized free nations of the world that Sindh has contributed a lot in the humanity’s evolution of society and civilization as it has been the motherland of the earliest human civilization and religions. But its slavery, occupation and subjugation by the theocratic fascist state of Pakistan is a big question for the entire humanity and civilized world and it’s the prime responsibility of humanity to support its freedom.
Today, we all appeal the entire international community and conscience of humanity to pay a serious heed to the acknowledgement of the unresolved question of the “Use of the Right to Self Determination and National Independence” for all the oppressed Subjugated nations of the world and support it.

I thank you all for your kind participation and giving us such precious moments of your time to attend this important historic conference to listen the miseries and concerns of the oppressed subjugated nations of the world.
Long Live Sindhudesh

Long Live GM Syed

Long Live All the Oppressed Subjugated Nations of the World

Shafi Muhammad Burfat

Chairman, Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM)

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