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Respected Sisters and Brothers!

Long Live My Motherland Sindh

Long Live Sain G.M Sayed
I am grateful to all of you to provide me an opportunity to address the grievances of my people and my Motherland Sindh.

My homeland “Sindh” is the historical land of the most gracious civilizations on the Earth: “The Indus Valley Civilization”: where, the ancient city of “Moen jo Daro” stands still. It’s the cradle of human civilization and culture, first democratic city state of the world, which pioneered trade, navigation and the first ever code of laws. Even Hammurabi’s codes and Moses’s ten commandments were derived from the ancient codes of Indus. Sindh is the land of Philosophy of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti which cited the first ever theories of evolution of mankind and human civilizations to the ancient world; whose wisdom, knowledge, culture, civilization and arts are well known to the world today, is forcibly deprived of its geographic, economic, political freedom today and is ill-fated to be subjected to severe illiteracy, social frustration, indecency, religious extremism; where vulnerable religious minorities like Sindhi Hindus, Shias, Christians, Ahmadis are suffering severe atrocities and humiliations. Condition of people of the oppressed Sindhi and Baloch nations is pitiable who are being routinely victimized by savagery and offensive aggression of state institutions.

I consider it the worst form of offence, contempt and disrespect to basic human rights to forcibly occupy, genocide and exploit the people, lands and resources of the historical natural nations. It’s the worst political economic destruction and human rights violation throughout the history of mankind which could only be termed as the national genocide. This is the plight of today’s Sindh which have been the custodian of human harmony, religious coexistence, pioneer of civilizations due to her economic prosperity and richness of mental faculties.

The historical free land of Sindh was enchained in the slavery of mighty remnants of British, the Punjabi army in the name of theocratic state of Pakistan on 14th of August 1947. Till then, Sindh has been suffering the enforced slavery, atrocities, exploitation, oppression and occupation of Pakistan. A historical free land whose history and civilization dates back to prehistoric times is deprived of its national identity, geographic, politico-economic authority, right to freedom of expression and freedom of organization, national and human rights, liberties of social cultural customs and religious practices, education, health and right to activism. This is the current scenario of 21st century’s Sindh, where political activists for freedom are abducted, enforcedly disappeared, detained for months and years, inhumanly tortured, extra-judicially killed and their mutilated bodies dumped along roadsides by state’s security agencies. Political parties are banned and bounties offered for the heads of political leaders to restrain them from playing their political role for their nations e.g. my party JSMM is illegally banned by the State.
Condition of Education in Sindh is worse than ever. Academic institutions are deliberately subjected to corruption, mismanagement, bureaucracy, outdated syllabuses, lack in qualified faculty, books in libraries and funds etcetera. Buildings, Offices and Hostels of schools, colleges and universities have been converted into the permanent colonies of paramilitary forces like Rangers. Higher Education Institutions are converted into Rangers’ concentration camps through building walls around them. Youth of my nation are deprived of access to modern philosophic & scientific knowledge under the continuous harassment, psychological stress, helplessness and insecurity created by the presence of these paramilitary forces.


A state which is imposed upon us ideologically, politically and economically in the form of religion and forced occupation is playing a draconian, fascist role against the Human and national political economic rights of Sindh. I clearly address it to the world today, that, I am speaking of that Sindh today, which has been suffering an entropic condition of continuous humiliation and contempt of Human Rights violations, from the very first day of the making of Pakistan and which is still going worse. Whose waters have been stolen by Punjab leaving the whole agricultural lands barren and 70% of its population poor. It leaves furious impacts over the entire ecology of Sindh, endangering various indigenous species of fauna and flora. Adding to this calamity, two major Drains called LBOD & RBOD carrying the industrial wastes from Punjab are constructed, spreading various viral diseases and making 2 million acres of agricultural lands infertile.

Children of Mineral Rich Sindh are dying out of inappropriate diet, poverty and diseases. Allocation of lacs of acres of forest lands to army & deforestation by them has caused a great rise in the temperatures. Various dams and canals are built on the river Indus despite the reservations of Sindh. Lacs of acres of land in Badin & Thatta districts are salinized because of continuous rise in sea levels due to inadequate waterfall in sea at Indus basin because Punjab is not convinced to release adequate & necessary water to sea through Indus river.

It’s the story of Sindh which is paying its price of joining Pakistan after Bengal. These sufferings are mainly caused by Pakistani State & its two-nations Islamic theory which is imposed upon the historically secular and democratic land of Indus civilization. Which is being now pushed into the hell of Islamic fundamentalism and extremism by establishing a wide web of Madrassahs under the surveillance and biding of Pakistani State which are totally contrary to our historic national attributes.

Beside this State is storing its hazardous nuclear warheads & crude materials in trenches in the mountainous region of Sindh despite the strong concerns and opposition from the people of Sindh. Therefore, we appeal international community to immediately stop Pakistan from storing its nukes in Sindh.

Currently Pakistan is trying to drag China in a plan to dominant Arabian Sea in the name of China Pak Economic Corridor involving construction of Megacity projects in the coastal belt of Sindh which will invite millions of more alien settlers in Sindh converting its indigenous Sindhi nation into a simple minority in their own homeland, which too, is a grave violation of human rights, rather its open enmity and terrorism of state against the national interests of Sindh and against which we are raising voice in Sindh and we too raise concerns on international forums and appeal honorable international community to take serious notice of these critical conditions of human rights and national rights of Sindhi nation.


Shafi Muhammad Burfat
Jun 21, 2016

Geneva, Switzerland 

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