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24 Sindhi activists abducted by Pak agencies still missing

24 Sindhi activists abducted by Pak agencies still missing

Prominent Sindhi nationalist organization Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM) has said that as many as 24 of its activists have been abducted by Pakistan’s Law Enforcement Agencies in broad day light, and are still missing.

Most of the member’s age range from 19 years to 45 years.
JSMM is a Sindhi nationalist, democratic, secularist political party of Sindh, that believes in the freedom of Sindh from Pakistan’s occupation.

It has been demanding the right to self-determination for Sindhis and recognition of the historical identity of Sindhis as a separate historical secular nation and independence of Sindh.

JSMM considers Pakistan a ‘theocratic fundamentalist imperial colonial and irresponsible state that enslaves and exploits the nations chained in its federation.’

The party holds political processions, protest demonstrations, freedom marches and rallies against ‘anti-Sindh’ schemes and plans of the military establishment of Pakistan and political hegemony of Punjab at both the national as well as international level.

It believes in the steadfast struggle for the independence and rights of Sindh along with the pursuit of international attention and support through strong diplomacy with the conscience of the world.

Published in Business Standard 27 April 2017

All the archives taken from any newspaper or news website are not necessarily pertinent to or represent the stance of the JSMM as all of such newspapers keep on editing and adding the personal opinion sort of stuff into the reporting of events or in an effort to analyze the circumstances with the color of their own glasses. JSMM does not necessarily agree with the all of the stuff here. However, this archive is published here without any modification.

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    The greatest anti-Sindhi act by Mr. Bhutto was the 1973 Constitution, which reduced Sindh into small component of the Pakistani federation.

    G M Sayed, Pioneer Sindhudesh Movement