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SANGHAR, April 12: A rally was organized by Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM) against acute water shortage in Sindh, Influx of people from other provinces and capture of Sindh’s resources by Punjab.
Carrying placards and posters the participants were chanting slogans against artificial water shortage created by Punjab.
Speakers accused Punjab for taking away the water share of Sindh on one or the pretext.
They alleged that it was a calculated move to destroy the economy and agriculture of Sindh.

Published in Dawn April 13, 2001

All the archives taken from any newspaper and news website are not necessarily pertinent to or represent the stance of the JSMM as all of such newspapers keep on editing and adding the personal opinion sort of stuff into the reporting of events or in an effort to analyze the circumstances with the color of their own glasses. JSMM does not necessarily agree with the all of the stuff here. However, this archive is published here without any modification.

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