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Chairman JSMM, Shafi Burfat has appealed international community and human rights organizations to save the life of veteran Sindhi leader Ustad Muhammad Rahimon, abducted by the Pakistani intelligence agencies.

In a statement issued to the press, JSMM chairman has said “Pakistani state’s coward agencies have abducted Senior Sindhi nationalist leader, companion of Sain GM Sayed, the Head of JSMM’s Central Coordination Committee Ustad Muhammad Rahimon from his house tonight. Rangers and ISI cops tortured him and his family members and whisked him away to an undisclosed location.

Shafi Burfat appeals the international community to save the life of abducted Ustad Muhammad Rahimon and others

Shafi Burfat appeals the international community to save the life of abducted Ustad Muhammad Rahimon and others

Ustad Muhammad Rahimon is one of the companions of Sayed. His commitment to the national cause and the people of Sindh is incomparable.  He has been the symbol of resistance against all the Anti-Sindh plans of Punjabi imperialism especially the establishment of CPEC project in Sindh. He was previously injured in the shelling and baton charge during Anti-CPEC project in Badin this February. Despite his frail health and old age, he is the most feared old man of the Sindh by the Pakistani occupiers.”

“He is in his 80’s, and we have grave concerns regarding his health and life in the illegal custody of ISI and Rangers. I appeal UNO, International community, EU, USA, Germany, UK, France, India, and  all the Human Rights organizations to play their due role for the safe release of Ustad Muhammad Rahimon and other Sindhi political activists abducted by the intelligence agencies and state forces of Pakistan,” he added.

 Ustad Muhammad Rahimon

Ustad Muhammad Rahimon

“Pakistani state forces and intelligence agencies have prompted the operation against Sindhi political activists especially JSMM and MQM in recent years. In past three months more than 200 people have been abducted and tortured, and hundreds have been jailed or sentenced to long-term punishments.  I appeal all the conscious people of Sindh, intellectuals, writers, journalists, lawyers, students, Sindhi business community including Urdu speaking sons of soil to protest the abduction of Sindhi political activists enforcedly disappeared by observing strike and protest demonstration across Sindh,” he said.

“Punjab’s tactics of abducting, torturing and killing the Sindh’s Anti-slavery and Anti-CPEC leadership and conscience could never restrain us from the struggle for the total independence of Sindhudesh. JSMM vows to protest the human rights violations and abductions of Sindhi political activists on an international level.” the statement reads.

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