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HYDERABAD: The Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz observed token hunger strike on Sunday against alleged torture on its activists in central jail Hyderabad. The hunger strike was led by Kamran leghari, Anwer Bhatti, and Piral Saharan.

Talking to newsmen they said that their general secretary Asghar Shah, Muzafar Bhutto, Sanaullah Bhatti, Imran Leghari, Fayyaz Janwri and Shabir Mallah in central jail Hyderabad and Ghulam Nabi Saharan, Raja Daher, Tahir Soomro, Saleem Soomro and Faiz Chandio in central jail Karachi were being tortured by jail staff and were denied facilities according to jail manual.

They said that Sindh High Court has granted B class to Asghar Shah but Hyderabad jail superintendent was keeping him still in Band Ward (solitary confinement). They said their activists were being subjected to torture and not allowed treatment.

Published in Regional Times, March 20, 2006

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    Under 1973 constitution; Sindh the homeland of Sindhis is colonized under the pretext of Islamic and Pakistan Ideology.

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