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JSMM massively protests the state-backed human rights violations, state torture, abductions, enforced disappearances, illegal detainment, extrajudicial killings of political activists, mega-city projects, economic corridor, the influx of outsiders, conspiracies against the demo-graphical existence and national political exploitation of the land and resources of the Sindh.

These all brutalities are being executed by Paki state to silence the political voice of the indigenous people of the Sindh safeguarding the interests of the Sindhi nation. UNO, civilized nations of the world and European Union must take immediate notice of the state barbarism and violation of the rights of freedom of expression and basic human rights recognized and respected in the charter of UNO, and must take immediate actions to avoid the great losses of the lives of thousands of the innocent people being worse treated and living under the state atrocities. This unnatural state is silencing the voice of the oppressed through the barrel of the gun: Says Shafi Bufat in a statement rightly issued after today’s Sindh-wide demos and sit-ins staged to protest the state torture, abductions, enforced disappearances, illegal detainments, extrajudicial killings of the political activists by Paki LEAs i.e ISI , MI.

The Civilized world must take the notice of Pakistan’s brutal policies and strategies of torture and oppression, been executed by her to encounter the peaceful political struggle of Sindhis for the protection of their natural geographic and cultural interests. he said
This theocratic state is backing and funding the establishment of a wide-web of the nurseries of fundamentalist religious schools (Madarsahs) on one hand and is brutally crushing the secularist, democratic, political and national voices of Sindh on the other. He added.
He further stated that “JSMM believes in the restoration of Sindh’s historic, political and geographic status and will continue it with the support of the conscious people of Sindh. JSMM is conscious about all the deadly conspiracies hatched by this fascist state for the prolonged slavery of Sindh. It (JSMM) is going to start a Sindh-wide massive struggle to protest the nefarious designs of Punjab to grab the waters of Indus, seas, and lands of the Sindh, China-Pak EC, Megacity projects of Zulfiqarabad, Bahria town, DHA and Kalabagh Dam, soon.”

He too put it in the notice and condemned the arrest of the 11 JSMM activists, following the protests held today.
He too appealed the conscious people of the Sindh, the intellectuals, writers, journalists, civil society activists, youth, peasants, and proletariats to support JSMM in her struggle for the rights and freedom of Sindh.

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  • gm-syed

    I will stand firm on demand of Sindh’s freedom. even i will be hanged.