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Daughter of Ustad Muhammad Rahimoon spoke to media

Daughter of Ustad Muhammad Rahimoon spoke to media

“My journalist sisters and brothers!
Jeay Sindh,  Jeay Sain Sain G.M Sayed
We have come here with an appeal today and wanted to convey our appeal to the Intl. Community through your mighty pen.

You all must have known my father, Baba Muhammad Rahimon since years. Muhammad Rahmon whom the activists of Jeay Sindh and his students used to call “Ustad: the guide” is an old man, around 71, and so has grown physically weak but ideologically stronger. He is one of the founder members of Sindhudesh movement, companions of  Sain GM Sayed, a reciter of Shah Abdul Lateef Bhittai’s message and has laid his entire life in preaching the Sayed’s ideology of an independent Sindh from the layman to luxurious and from each cone to every corner of Sindh. He has written hundreds of essays and articles to illustrate, to advocate his ideology and has defended the interests of motherland Sindh in his writing and political practice. That’s the crime he has committed, and that’s the crime he has been abducted to be punished for. He is the head of JSMM’s Coordination Committee and its central leader. Despite his old age and weaker health, he had led the protest march through the roads of Badin to oppose the CPEC project and was severely injured in police shelling and baton charge at Badin this February. He had been receiving threatening phone calls and messages from the spy agencies since then. In this Wednesday night at around 2:30 am, he was abducted by the Rangers, Police and the agency cops in the plain clothes accompanied by the Station House Officer of Kario Ganhwer Town Police Station and Deputy Superintendent of Police. We resisted to save him, but they beat us harshly and took him away forcefully. Now the same police officials deny any information about his whereabouts. If he bears any criminal charges, he holds the legal right to be tried in the court of law.

Therefore, we appeal all the conscious people of Sindh, the national as well as international human rights organizations and the entire civilized world including UNO, OHCHR, HRW, AI, AHRC to take an immediate notice of his abduction and take immediate action to save his life; as he is a heart and diabetic patient and is being tortured in the illegal detention.

Sindhu Rahimoon

Daughter of missing JSMM Leader

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    Sindh, in its history, has for a long time been sovereign state. When the British occupied it on 1843, Sindh was an independent country.

    G M Sayed, Pioneer Sindhudesh Movement