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Hundreds of activists of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz i.e. JSMM (Banned Sindhi Organization in Pakistan) marched in Hyderabad to demand independence for Sindh, the release of Sindhi Political Activists abducted and enforced disappeared by Pakistani Army and ISI. A big number of women, children, and youth attended the March.

JSMM activists took out a massive rally from Sindh University (Old Campus) to District Press Club Hyderabad. The protesters were carrying banners and placards demanding the restoration of total Independence of Sindh taken by British Colonial Empire in 1948, urging UN, International community and Human Rights Organizations to take immediate notice of the Pakistani occupation, fascism, state torture, atrocities and exploitation of Sindh. The protestors were chanting enthusiastic slogans against Pakistani occupation, exploitation, and brutalities in Sindh, including enforced disappearances and killings of Sindhi freedom activists. JSMM central Coordination Committee leader Asif Juno addressed the participants of the march on Hyderabad Press Club.

Heavy Police and Ranger’s contingents arrived at the place, stopped the march and unleashed heavy baton charge and teargas shelling to disperse the protesters, arresting more than hundred JSMM activists.

The exiled JSMM Chairman Shafi Burfat condemned the use of force and torture against the JSMM activists demanding the safe recovery of JSMM and JSQM activists abducted and enforced disappeared by Pakistani Military and ISI. In his statement issued to press, the JSMM chairman highlighted the “Historic Nationally independent status of Sindh”. Addressing the procession, he said “Sindh has remained an independent country since ages, it was an independent country since the year 1843 when British Imperialism invaded and subjugated it and gifted it to its loyal Punjabi mercenaries in 1947 to keep hold of the Indian ocean waters. The independence movement of Sindh has been struggling for the restoration of the historic nationally independent identity of Sindh. Today, Sindh is under the theocratic fascist Punjabi occupation in Pakistan in the name of the Islam. Sindhi independence movement is fighting its case on diplomatic and international fronts effectively and the sacrifices, painstaking struggle, and voice are gaining international acknowledgment for the historical, ideological and practical perspectives of the “Sindh Case” in front of the International community and entire civilized world today. And that’s why Pakistani theocratic, fascist military establishment, army, it’s savage agency ISI and Rangers (paramilitary forces) has imposed the ban on JSMM and are practicing ruthless barbaric torture against Sindhi political activists by abducting, enforced disappearing, torturing and killing them.”

The JSMM Chairman condemned the state torture against the protestors, called it “an open violation of Right to freedom of expression and speech”, appealing international community to take an immediate notice of the Army instigated action against “Sindhi Political Activists”. He said, “Sindhi Political activists are been hunted, persecuted, abducted, enforced disappeared and killed and even if someone raises voice to appeal international community to take action against these Pakistani atrocities, he too is tortured, arrested, abducted, enforced disappeared and then killed.”

“The State is rapidly depoliticizing the Sindhi society, banning secular political organizations, Right to freedom of speech and expression; imprisoning, abducting, torturing, enforced disappearing and killing the secular political activists and sponsoring wide web of theocratic extremist Jihadi madrassahs (Islamic Religious Schools) throughout Sindh to radicalize the secular Sindhi society. Tens of JSMM and JSQM activists have been abducted and enforced disappeared by Pakistani Rangers, Army, and ISI. Tens of JSMM activists including Mujeeb Cholyani, Sunny Kakepoto, Aijaz Gaho, Suhail Bhatti, Allah Wadhayo Mahar, Sajjad Shah, Fayaz Dahri, Liaquat Chana, Altash Talpur, Farman Hingoro, Ateeq Wistro, Nadeem Kolachi, Saif Jatoi, Naveed Mirani and JSQM’s Khadim Arejo, Hidayat Lohar, Raza Jarwar, Aijaz Tunio, Bux Ali Mugheri, Ayoub Kandhro, Murtaza Junejo, Pathan Khan Zahrani, Sabir Chandio and 56 other Sindhi secular political activists are still missing, after their abductions by Pakistan Army and ISI.”
JSMM Chairman appealed the UNO, USA, Germany, UK, France, India and entire international community to “take an immediate notice of Pakistani atrocities on Sindh and arrests, abductions, state torture, detentions and killings of Sindhi political activists. He also appealed international community and civilized nations to support the independence of Sindh.”
“Pakistan is the epicenter of Islamic terrorism, nuclear proliferator, the graveyard of UN’s Charter of Human Rights, theocratic fascism, murderer of historic nations chained in its forced Federation and if the world wants attainment of global peace and annihilation of Islamic Terrorism it must have to stop Pakistan and disintegrate it.” He added.

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  • gm-syed

    As against Sindhudesh, Pakistan is an accident of history a freak of nature.

    G M Sayed, Pioneer Sindhudesh Movement