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Sindhi Nationalist Movement has always been fundamentally accustomed to the Sindhi historic identical values of  Sufism, Secularism, religious tolerance, coexistence and peace, proposed by the ideology of GM Syed throughout his books. It is the caravan of enlightened modernist liberal conscious Sindhi people striving for the restoration of their historic national identity and national independence, embracing all the people of Sindh belonging to various diverse religious, racial and ethnic backgrounds.

In a recent statement, the DIG Larkana Police on the bidding of Pakistan Military Establishment has foolishly attempted to portray JSMM as a terrorist organization conspiring with Islamic terrorist TTP to sabotage CPEC and carry out terrorist activities in Sindh, which is not only condemnable but a shameful act of the state. The people of Sindh know it well that Sindhi nationalist movement, ideology of Syed and JSMM are the synonyms to the politics of Sindh’s national emancipation strongly opposing the theocratic existence of Pakistan, but not the religious terrorists as alleged by the stooges of the state.

Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz has always been protesting and condemning the religious extremism and terrorism on the regional as well as international forums through its actions and speech.

The rogue Pakistani state is trying to suppress JSMM’s political agitation against CPEC by alleging its links with the terrorist TTP, which is highly condemned. JSMM strongly rejects the allegations of the puppet police officer on the bidding of Pakistan’s military establishment.

It is the well-known fact today that it’s the Pakistani state that has been nurturing and sponsoring the religious extremism and terrorism especially Haqqani network, LeT, JUD, Taliban, and others. DIG Larkana has alleged JSMM instead of the real culprit ISI which is the mother and proprietor of the entire enterprise of Global Jihadism in the region. Indeed, it’s not the Sindhi secular political party JSMM but the Pakistani state instead that fosters the Taliban and uses them to sabotage the peace of the region.

The Pakistani state is trying to confuse the Sindhi secular nationalist movement with religious extremism to blend it with the Islamic terrorists to persecute the secular Sindhi people with international impunity.

Pakistani state is violating international laws and fundamental human rights by abducting, enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killing secular Sindhi political activists presently and wants to avoid international outrage by veiling it as an act of war on Islamic terrorism. Therefore, we appeal entire international community, UN and civilized democratic nations of the world to take serious notice of the atrocities of Pakistan against secular Sindhi nation.

JSMM vows to continue its political struggle against CPEC, religious extremist terrorism, and national slavery despite all the nefarious designs and shameless tactics of the theocratic Pakistani state.

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    Sindh, in its history, has for a long time been sovereign state. When the British occupied it on 1843, Sindh was an independent country.

    G M Sayed, Pioneer Sindhudesh Movement